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Read before requesting customized services.

Publicado: Dom Feb 03, 2013 1:14 am
por nextgen
We will clarify some important points regarding the request for customization of any Forum, this is done to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Are not developed MODs due to the time and complexity that these entail.
  • Do not develop custom styles due to the time and complexity that these entail.
What are working are:
  • Forum installations
  • Updates to forums
  • Installation of MODs (modifications)
  • Update of MODs (modifications)
  • Installation of styles
  • Update styles
  • Language update
  • Conversions from another system
For all questions, it is necessary to let a few facts and these are the following:
  • URL of the Forum (this is commanded by mp to maintain the anonymity of our customers).
  • URL of the MOD, language or style that you want to install or upgrade
  • What MODs, styles and languages you have installed (this serves as a reference to provide a better service)
  • Which version of phpBB you are installed, this serves as a reference to see the complexity of update
To manage a better service budgets will be made via private message with the person concerned.

Custom services request policies can vary according to the complexity of the work.